Coming Soon… limited edition and One of a Kind eco mens wear and accessories available for you to shop for online with ease. Don’t get Shopping Mauled!




  • Crew tee
  • Pull over hoody – light weight
  • Zip-neighborhoody


Seasonal updates occurring, please check back.


1) Seed - A classic. The Seed represents change, growth, nature, nurture, health, life and essentially everything that is eco. The Seed is essential to beginning a Natural Authentic Textile Experience.


2) You’re the solution to water pollution - The largest landfill in the world is not on land, it’s in the middle of the ocean and its called ’The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” or ”The Pacific Gyre”. Consisting mostly of plastic refuse, this floating mass of garbage is estimated at 3.5 million tons and doubles the size of the state of Texas. “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”.

3) Respect your elders - Mother nature has blessed us all with an amazing and illustrious history. Trees have long been recognized as the elders of the earth. We used a tree in this graphic to capture our play on words and to pay homage to those that came before us and helped pave the way and illuminate the path for change and growth.


4) Conserve - Ah the old school!  By rearranging 2 letters from this recognizable staple of American fashion, we achieved eye opening tweaks on one of our favorite sneaks.


5) Earth Angel - This sculpture from the middle-ages is more about the aesthetic than anything else.  We want you to enjoy wearing this garment often and when asked about it, you can relay a little bit about that it is made from organic cotton and what that means to our planet.


6) Buddha - They are like a philosopher / gund doll.  And hopefully this makes someone not so ‘conscious’ become inquisitive.
7) Awaken - Our rooster comes from an old graphic my cousins ran with many years ago.  The symbolism of a new dawn and the Rooster trumpeting the call to “wake-up’ is charged with the imagery of a planets’ population in desperate need of awakening.  We felt so strongly about this image that we ran it as a tee graphic as well as use it as an icon we embroider on the left chest of our conscious collection – for those who feel that less is more.

8) African note – The interplay between the destruction of nature/wildlife and greed can not be ignored. The irony of using wildlife as imagery ON money was too much to pass over for use as a graphic.

9) Will work for CHANGE - A far too common site is the homeless person holding a sign asking for anything to help them in their daily struggles for survival. We donate a portion of the proceeds from all out sales to foundations that work for change.  By wearing this graphic we hope to inspire you to give and to work for change!


10) Keep calm –  This is from a WW II British propaganda leaflet and poster. It is relevant in these current turbulent times and we wish to use it as a positive credo and a reminder that “this too shall pass”.