postcard1NATE was formed in 2004 as the natural evolution of founder Adam Katz’s commitment to high quality conscious clothing.  Katz recognized the potential of organic fabrics and sought out partners with whom he could source fabrics, design, and construct a line of clothing committed to environmental and social awareness and sustainability.

NATE is an acronym for Natural Authentic Textile Experience (and is also the name of Adam’s Bernese mountain dog).  As a company, we are committed to the central tenets of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our concern for all people and the planet influences all of the decisions we make. As a clothing company we recognize the environmental and social harm caused by the traditional textile industry and we have chosen to offer consumers a less harmful and more sustainable alternative.

More than 1/3 of a pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used in the production of a single pound of conventionally grown cotton fabric. Many of these chemicals find their way into the soil, air, water and the foods that we eat. In foreign countries, these pesticides and fertilizers affect the water supply for local villages and consequently affect the health of the population.

Certified organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. It is also free of formaldehyde finishes. Organic cotton wears well and is extremely breathable, unlike synthetics that pill, emit static electricity, prematurely age and trap perspiration. Non-organic cotton is commonly portrayed as natural, yet it is highly cultivated and processed which contaminates groundwater and ultimately drinking water, poisoning the food chain. When you buy organic you help ensure that both the farmers as well as the communities supporting organic farmland are exposed to far fewer chemicals. Organic farming helps prevent topsoil erosion, improves soil fertility, protects groundwater, and conserves energy. Lastly, organic fabrics can be composted safely, without contributing to toxins in the soil.

NATE is proud to work with manufacturers and raw fabric suppliers partnered in the Organic Trade Association and Organic Exchange. We ensure that all of our production partners meet strict guidelines of socially compliancy and have accredited certification.  Because our production partners are all North American based we can be certain of the practices exercised by our partners, we know the full environmental and social impact of our production, and we are able to minimize our corporate carbon footprint and as a consequence the footprints of our supporters.

We are not the only organic clothing line in the market, however, we are one of the few that produces domestically and uses entirely eco-friendly dyes and inks in our production processes. Our commitment to the environment is ‘natural’ and ‘authentic’ so unlike some of our competitors we won’t apply nasty toxins to an organic shirt by using PVC’s plastisols and petroleum based inks. By choosing to produce in North America with socially compliant factories, we can ensure that our product is Fair Trade and that the conditions of our employees and those of our partners meet the highest standards.

Thanks for your support and for enabling us to continue to push the garment industry in the right direction.

Nate & Adam

Nate & Adam